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PhyllisAnn Mains~ Zoneworks~ Energy Coach

CBCP-CECP-Komyo Reiki Kai®-Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®-

About Phyllis Ann

We are all one in the Universe

 "We must be the change we wish to see in the world".

Mahatma Gandhi 

foxes at play

If we wish "to Rebalance" the Earth as a whole, then we must be Re~Balancing/Harmonizing  sense of the word. We must do this on ourselves; we must also be willing and able to offer Energy to others; and we must be Harmonizing to the Earth. If we wish to see world peace, we must be peaceful, in every sense of the word. We must be at peace with ourselves, as well as with our neighbors. 

This page is as with the whole website is a work in progress that I'm enjoying.

Pages flying away

Talking about myself is one of the hardest things for me to do, so here goes....

Born in Amarillo, TX, growing up in several Midwest states and finally moved to AZ since 1977. In 2012, we recently sold our home in Flagstaff, AZ and moved to LaPine, Oregon. We love Oregon! It's like we are HOME.

Iina in the sunflowers 8912010

I've been intuitive in communication and healing with animals all my life. These Healing Energies have enhanced my communication with the animals and my INTUITION many times over.

So blessed to ‘share’ my life with many wonderful horses, dogs, cats, and other species. We share our home today with 3 rescue Aussie Shepherds, (two trained and Delta Certified as Therapy Dogs) and 1 horse, IINA, shown here.

Since childhood I’ve loved working with animals on all kinds of levels. My Dad was a hunter as well as a caretaker of the wounded and abandoned. He was always bring home stray, injured, abandoned creatures of all sizes and ages, always helping him, feeding and caring for all he brought home, baby crows, rabbits, flying squirrels, fox squirrel, possum, mountain goat, snakes, mice, rats, you name it. We'd rehabilitate these creatures and return them to the wild as soon as they could manage on their own. Sometimes Dad would have trouble catching an animal, he'd always take me to them and I'd coax them out of hiding. Even as a child, they knew and trusted that they could be helped.

My first alternative modality,  was Linda Tellington Jones, TTouch in the 1980's. It changed the way I worked with my own animals greatly. 

Reiki Energy Healing

Alternative medicine has always been interesting and I've been drawn to the 'naturalness' of it.

In the early 1980's I was using a Chiropractor, Massage Therapists, and Acupuncture on my horses and dogs, before lots of people used them on themselves, as they were considered 'woo woo'. Evolving and embracing Reiki was a natural for me, rather like "coming home". On this website it's my goal to take some of the "woo woo" effect out of Energy. One will never fully understand any Energy  method, until they themselves experience or provide it.


In 1997 I was listening to my favorite radio talk show while cleaning my horse stalls on a hot summer morning, they had Bart Baggett on it talking about hand writing analysis, "How to change your life by changing your handwriting". I finished cleaning the stalls, sat down on a bale of hay to listen to the rest. Excitedly, I did some research and ordered his course and Certified in it, thinking like he said I could make a career at it. (Hello!) I LOVE hand writing analysis, it is very exciting in that it reveals so much about a person. As for making a career of it, got myself and friends many 'free' drinks in bars and parties. It's helped me to understand coworkers and bosses, friends and family, but not much else over the years. There are aspects of handwriting that 'jump' out at me and help me to 'steer clear' of certain people. But use it otherwise, no. Again synchronicity playing a role in my life!!! Using a persons handwriting helps me to see deep within and understand patterns of personality and behavior I'd not be able to ever see otherwise.

Energy has brought the most beautiful people and animals into my life. The Energies have allowed me to rebuild myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It has changed my whole life. Now...I can honestly say....

Solitary person on a beach, we can find happiness within, Reiki Energy Healing .




In the past I had some interesting accidents, illness', etc in my life that thru mostly natural methods I've been fortunate to over come. Many that I have met, talked to and read about are not so lucky. My health started to decline very quickly in 2005-2010 when I decided to take responsibility for my health.

At some point I realized my symptoms were not my enemy and illness was my 'wake up call'. It was only through the things list below, (trust me there is more, this is just a few), that I came to see my symptoms as my 'friend' in getting better not an 'illness'.

Our bodies/minds have an innate God Given ability to get better ourselves. Jesus spoke of healing ourselves and others often, that we are capable of doing what he did. WE ALL HAVE THIS ABILITY. Sounds too easy doesn't it? IT IS EASY!!!

Let's walk this healing path together, finding the authentic and fulfilled you!

Back in 2005 I'd never of believed that I could possibly feel as great mentally, physically, and spiritually as I do today, regaining not just good health, but great health! 

within us all the Healing Arts

I read an article about Reiki. I made my first appointment for Monday after being in the ER for the 3rd time with over the top BP. Was so relaxed after the first appointment, made the 2nd for 2 days later. The rest is history.

Reiki was so familiar to me, yet I'd not been around or heard of it before. Soon I got attuned to level I, then II.

At the end of 6 months my BP was down so low we took me off all medication and have never taken any again. 

Rock formations, the beautifulness surrounds us, we just need to absorb it's energy.

"Vision without action is a daydream.

Action with out vision is a nightmare."

Japanese proverb

I began my Reiki training, getting my Usui Master/Teacher, then 8 months later taking Karuna Reiki. It was during my Karuna Reiki training that I experienced great pain in my upper mid back (just behind the heart). My Teachers suggested there was a heart energy problem.

A few days after completing my Karuna training the words "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson jumped off the page at me. Ordered the book, and watched everything that could find on the internet, heard about the 'Heart Wall' and knew this was my problem and my next step. After getting the book, I started working on myself and low and behold every one of my rescue dogs (Fur Children) would come up to have Trapped Emotions released too. One thing led to another and it helped the animals at the shelter, the Cancer Patients, and the rest of my Clients, human and animal alike. In the Fall of 2012 I became certified. In Dec. 2012 I started working with The Body Code becoming certified in March 2014. This is wonderful stuff!!! 

My Prayer everyday

I love this Prayer, it's very helpful. We need to forgive ourselves as we forgive others, not to make others feel better, so much as to set ourselves free. 

In the Spring of 2012 I had the opportunity to work with my Senei Hyakuten INAMOTO from Japan and learn Komyo Reiki Kai, a simplified form of Reiki.

Energy Healing is life changing and becomes such a part of your life before you realize it. These Energies have enriched my whole emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being.

I'm very grateful for these Energies for the many ways it's helped me, and the continued "guidance" going forward on this wondrous, abundant, adventure in life, it just continues to unfold in ways I could never have imagined, (abundance comes in many forms). I know I am protected, provided for, and guided always.

Jesus has a sense of humor

Spirit DOES have a sense of humor!!!

The more you practice it, the more you use it, the more you yourself get out of it. Energies enriches every aspect of your life.

In June 2013 I went to Sacramento, CA for a seminar and certification with Dr Eric Pearl and learned to use the powerful Energy called "Reconnective Healing®". I am still blown away by the power of this energy and the 'Changes' that take place right away using it. Reiki is in the 'mix', but I no longer do just Reiki sessions, it's impossible.

As of September 17, 2013 I am now certified to do THE RECONNECTION®.

With the aid of all the modalities I've learned I've become a Personal Energy Coach, you might say. There, I said it. I believe that each of us have a Personal Energy Field which surrounds and penetrates our bodies. All the work we've done/doing with BIOTFIELD THERAPY, leads us to work more etherically/spiritually. Modern technology can sense our electromagnetic fields, the heat we generate and brain activity - yet there is more to us than just those systems. Just because something can't be sensed by current instrumentation doesn't mean it isn't there. That's where I come in -I can help you learn about your life through your own energy.

I've always been energy sensitive and subject to intuitive 'hits'. In modern parlance I am an HSP, or Highly Sensitive Person (about 15% of the population fit this profile). I believe that we all have sensitivities that we can explore and turn into gifts, but the noise and busy-ness of modern society often blocks our innate abilities.

Currently humanity is going through a spiritual awakening, where more and more people are waking up to the fact that they are more than just their bodies and minds. If you are going through this kind of awakening then a Personal Energy Coach like myself may be able to help.

Iina kiss 8/2010

"If each of us can learn to relate to each other more out of compassion, with a sense of connection to each other and a deep recognition of our common humanity, and more important, to teach this to our children, I believe that this can go a long way in reducing many of the conflicts and problems that we see today."

~Dalai Lama~

As a Cancer Survivor myself, in 1980, it has been a blessing to have been a Volunteer at the Cancer Center of Northern Arizona, (1200 N. Beaver St.), in Flagstaff twice monthly for Reiki treatments for the Cancer Patients. I'm no longer in Flagstaff, but this is a very worth while cause. 

Iris Spring 2010

Energy sessions help the patients deal with the side effects of their treatments and give them a great sense of well-being while they are in treatment. It also helps them to deal with the symptoms of fear, anger, worry, anxiety, depression and loss of faith.

Holly (one of my Delta Service dogs) and I have gone to Cromer School for the past 5 years. There First and Second Grade Class students take turns reading to us, with the Paws to Read Program for Flagstaff Elementary Schools. 

Holly Delta 122009 Delta Society and Paws to Read for 1st graders at Cromer School.

It's delightful to see the students improve so much over the course of a year, then see them next year as well. It's a wonderful program to encourage kids to enjoy reading.

Holly and I just re-tested with Delta and are going into our 5th year of this great program.

Photography, drawing and watercolor have always been a part of me, specializing in animals/pets and landscapes. Please check out the last page here on my website and call me for any of your photographic needs.

fox in Yellowstone 2007

I believe that we live in a wonderful but turbulent time, where ancient wisdom is 

mixing with modern methods to spread 

physical and spiritual well being practices 

all over the world. 

Millions of people practice Energy Well Being and they are teaching others, there is room enough for all modalities. This is having a powerful effect on helping to Re~Balance all creatures and the planet as a whole. It also helps us to understand the need to accept all creatures deserve happiness. Let all of us use the Energy and the powers within us to help not only ourselves but to help all others.

One lite candle can not be deminished

Energy is like a flame being 

passed from person to person, as 

you'd light a candle, then light more

candles, the light is not diminished, 

it grows brighter.  

Myself and others feel there is room for more Alternative Medicine in our society. It goes together very well with Western Medicine, with less PILLS. I feel at some point the AMA will get over it's 'FEAR' of Alternative Healthcare and the two will integrate more as the world continues to vibrate at a higher rate, people will understand, just KNOW more naturally.

Too many people today are hooked on medications and looking to someone other than themselves for the 'Responsibility' of their health care, rather than looking 'Within'. These medications have so many side effects that require other medications and the spiral begins. So many of the Alternative Medicines/Modalities are wonderful and gentle healers of the body, mind and spirit. As Healers we just need to continue to work to get the word out to the world.

Soul self search

My company is based on the belief that my customers' Physical/Mental/Spiritual needs are of the utmost importance, I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I am grateful for and dedicated to my Practice and Photography Practice for the Highest Good for All. Please keep me in mind if I can help you or your pet, to get better, feel better spiritually, mentally and physically.

Thank you for looking. May you walk with a light step in love, light, and peace.

Blessings ~ PhyllisAnn

Contact me @ 928-300-1861

Sage going for a ride 9/2010

Email me @ [email protected]

Location: Chino Valley, AZ (I work with clients in Spain, South Africa and England, distance is not an obstacle.)

Hours: By appointment only

TEC-Cert-Badge-SM practitioner badge

In love and light, I wish all who read this infinite Blessings! 

~ PhyllisAnn 

Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner CECP

Certified Body Code® Practitioner CBCP

Komyo Reiki Kai ®~ Shihan (Teacher)

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

Reconnective Healing® Certified

Reconnection® Certified

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