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PhyllisAnn Mains~ Zoneworks~ Energy Coach

CBCP-CECP-Komyo Reiki Kai®-Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®-

Biofield Therapy for Pets ~ Animal Behavior Specialist

Healing Arts for Pets

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our pets is the gift of ReBalance.

Biofield Therapy and responsible ownership/partnership are two of the greatest gifts you can give to any animal. Your investment in time and energy will be returned twenty fold. Biofield Therapy is the universal language that all animals understand. They are receptive to the energy and eager to accept it. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished with Biofield Therapy and removing 'trapped emotions' from your pets.

Reconnective Healing, Emotion Code and Reiki energy provides healing in the most loving and gentle manner. Most animals are very receptive to all and respond quickly to the treatments. These methods can accelerate their Re~Balancing process, ease pain, and improve the quality of life, without causing stress or discomfort. Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, bird, turtle, fish, or ferret, they will all benefit from this natural healing energy.

By nature animals are more sensitive and aware of energy than we humans are. Which is why they easily sense and are drawn to the Energies, doesn't matter if they are domesticated or wild.

It is an ideal therapy to use with animals because it is gentle, painless and stress-free, does not require direct physical contact in order to be effective, and allows animals to choose their own level of participation and acceptance of the energy.

So many of today's animals are stressed out, same with their caregivers, many on medication. Also so many animals have suffered emotional traumas, or suffer from some form of anxiety. By sharing Energy with these beautiful creatures and also releasing "trapped emotions", (the same way I do people), they relax and come back to a state of calm and trust, without medication. De-stressing them, can help many caregivers de-stress as well.

Iina at dusk 2011

The first session is usually just "loading" the energy up in the animal/person and creating a bond of trust. The next day you'll see some difference, After the second session you'll see much more of a difference,... Energy is not something that you need to keep coming back to in a healthy animal/person, only when your energy feels depleted will you need a "tune-up".

Biofield Therapy gives energy to the animal so that they can heal faster by working on the true cause of the problem, addressing the animal as a whole being not only the symptom.

Biofield Therapy is able to significantly reduce the rise in heart rates produced by exposure to noise, stress, anxiety, confusion, etc.

Whether in a clinic, kennel or shelter. Using Energy on rescued dogs/cats/animals, brings gentleness to high-spririted animals, calms the fearful and settles the nervous ones.

Reconnective Healing, Emotion Code and Reiki goes beyond the physical to balance the animal's entire energy system. It brings deep relaxation, de-stressing the animal at a very deep level to allow for faster healing whether it's mental, emotional or physical. This aids in helping some of the below plus many more:

·               overall wellness and happiness

                stress induced illnesses, ie. ulcers

·                animals who are alone all day

·                with behavioral issues, shyness, anxiety, aggression, fear

·                special needs

·                before and after surgery

·                adjusting to a new home, new pets

·                grief (loss of an owner or fellow pet)

·                arthritis and movement problems, senior dogs, any type of chronic pain

·                adopted from a shelter or rescue or neglect, abandonment issues....

·                eases the transition at the end of life

Iina and Pancho Hugs.

Biofield Therapy helps to calm the spirit by bringing animals back into a state of trust and connection. Some animals are Energy "sponges" absorbing large amounts at once; others prefer to take energy in frequent small doses. Most Energy sessions for pets last 30-40 minutes some longer, They are in control of the session and we "share" the Energy as long as they want.

 I prefer to work in a quiet room with no distractions with your pet so that he/she can move around and be comfortable. Relax with the energy when they are ready.

What to expect from an Biofield Therapy session: I start the session with releasing of 'trapped emotions, (The Emotion Code®). When they are done we start the Energy flowing. Generally with cats, dogs etc. some go to sleep, (usually not in the first session), others may just lay quietly enjoying the energy, cats and dogs of a hyper nature will sometimes become playful in between rest. Horses will normally come up to me for treatment even the first time, they continue to stand, but will become VERY relaxed, licking and chewing, eyes will become very soft. Horses will normally take command of the session, moving, changing position to better get the energy where THEY want it. By the end of the session you will notice the soft eye and relaxed calmer state of any animal.

Usually one will see some improvement within the first 12-24 hours after the first session. It is with the second, and sometimes third session that one "sees" a measurable difference in their pets.

I encourage clients to have 2 sessions very close to one another, then once a week for a couple of weeks. After the 3rd or 4th session, evaluate the results they have seen and how often the body needs recharged with the Energy. Usually after 4 sessions a session once every few months will keep up the lasting effects.

These methods of treating the emotional and physical body with energy are not a substitute for appropriate medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment and no claims as to healing or recovery from illness or prevention of any illness now or in the future is implied. No physician-patient relationship is considered nor is any replacement for any professional psycho-therapeutic or counseling session that may be applicable.

As with MD's, no one can guarantee their services, clients have always seen session work be of help with the issues they need addressed.

30 Minute evaluation/healing session for your Pet


35-60 min Healing for your Pets/Animals .


Holly and I Believe

As it says on Holly's rug she is laying on, "I believe in Miracles". As a rescue, Holly came to us afraid of just about everything, she'd been abused (physically as well as mentally) in her first year of life. When she was 2, she had torn her knee ligaments in the right knee. Surgery helped but she continued to walk on her tippy toe and had a very noticeable limp, getting up and down remained hard for her.

A few months after I started learning and practicing Reiki on my "fur herd", we noticed the limp was gone. Her knee and hips will bother her some in very cold weather or severe weather changes, but it doesn't last long, a little Reiki and she's like a pup again. Reiki helps "All Creatures" with their own pain management, emotional scars, physical and mental issues. All 4 of my dogs respond very quick to the energy and go into a deep relaxed state, then wake up much calmer than before. *(Holly has just finished her 4th full year as a Delta Certified Therapy dog, mostly working with small children learning to read. She is non-judgmental as she listens and makes reading FUN.)

Cayenne aka Yoda

I am very blessed to of gone to Second Chance here in Flagstaff a few hours a week and volunteer giving Reiki to the Cats and Dogs at the shelter, THEY are my Teachers.

*Cayenne, aka YODA he wanted to be called.

Reiki helps with the stress of having been abandoned, and living in a kennel.

They really look forward to it when I enter their area and know Reiki is coming. I'm very grateful for Reiki and being able to help~give comfort in anyway to these wonderful friends.

At the shelter Reiki has helped many different issues, such as: dogs that will only go to the bathroom in their kennel, self-mutilation, aggressiveness, fear/insecurity, shyness.... We've had great success' with many animals helping them to cope with all they have been through, helping them to remain sane in shelter life. SCCA does a wonderful job and is open to anything to better the welfare of these beautiful souls until they find their forever homes.

Here is just a few SCCA stories:

Bo and Biofield Therapy

This is BO from the Shelter, one of my first Reiki successes at Second Chance. BO is a beautiful hound, with the most silky of ears. He was so self destructive, chewing huge chunks of his hide off his tail, legs and feet. He constantly paced, very thin, couldn't keep weight on. I walked away from Bo's first session thinking this had been a waste of time and there was no helping this beautiful but tortured creature. He actually howled and cried during the session, never relaxed to speak of in almost 2+ hours of Reiki. (My mistake for not believing in what Reiki does and offers us.) He accepted the energy, it worked on him overnight. The next day after his first Reiki session they noticed he was definitely calmer.

In his second session he dropped at my feet and fell into a deep sleep for 90 minutes, waking up very relaxed. We did 2 sessions for the first few weeks. Then once a week for a few weeks, then a couple of times a month at least. He'd curl up on my lap for most of his sessions and become somewhat altered, almost drunk acting, he absorbed so much energy. Within the first 3-4 sessions he quit chewing on himself, calmed down, and began to gained weight, and was later adopted.

(I wrote an article about Bo that I've posted at the bottom of this page that tells you much more about him, if you are interested.)

Spartacus and Biofield therapy

Another was Spartagus, a Rottie. When he came in he was pretty calm and got along well. After a few weeks they noticed he was getting very aggressive, attacking the front of his kennel when anyone would approach, (not good adoptable behavior). Rottie's don't do well in shelter life at all. He mellowed out after the first session and was adopted just after his 3rd session to his "Fur~Ever" home.

This is a story about two Golden Retriever sisters (aka Bella, now Mia and Maggie) that I shared The Emotion Code and Reiki with at Second Chance back in the Fall of 2011. 

Mia aka Bella and Biofield Therapy
Maggie and Biofield Therapy

Thankfully they were adopted together by a very generous and loving family. I got to know the one son by going to his 1st grade class and would ask him how they were doing. After being in the family for 2-3 months, I believe, due to the fact they'd never been trained or shown any love, along with trapped emotions they had in the first 18 months of their lives, Bella became overly protective and aggressive once in an environment were she did feel loved. I heard this and contacted them to work with Bella and Maggie on their behavioral issues. The family was entertaining the thought of having Bella put to sleep by this point, it was that bad.

Our first session seemed a wreck as the then, Bella (aka Mia) growled or barked the whole session. I couldn't touch her or get near her to do anything other than share Reiki with her and Maggie from across the room. It was hard to believe these were the same 2 timid Golden Retrievers I'd worked with at the Shelter. I know to 'trust' the energies and that they are working no matter what I'm 'seeing'. That evening Bella lay on the floor and rolled over to have her belly rubbed by the Father for the very first time. (Huge trust, YAY!)

Another thing I talked to them about was to change Bella's name, (she actually wanted the name changed and chose the name from a list the family came up with after the first session). Names as with words have very powerful meanings/energies and carry with them much emotion, good and bad. I find it best to rename any rescue animal/even people can have 'life changes' by the change of a name.

For the second session with them we used a muzzle so that I could touch Bella (we let her choose her name at the end of that session), for TEC work. Her first TE to release was FEAR. Animals have what I call 'markers', they will sit, yawn, lay down, etc as you get close to the correct TE. She released 15 TE's that day. After releasing 'fear' she was laying next to me, by the end she was on my lap!!! Maggie released 12 that day. We'd finish the session with 30 minutes of Reiki and total relaxation. Again that evening now Mia showed great strides with her family, her tail out from between her legs wagging and happy lavish with licks and kisses.

The third session we started with the muzzle on Mia, but took it off right after she came up to me. That day after the session her tail was out and wagging for me as well as kisses at the end of the session.

In all we could of quit after about the 4th session, their owners just liked how relaxed they would be after the sessions. Not only did Maggie and Mia's personalities change, their whole 'look' changed. Mia no longer had the deep worry wrinkles between her eyes. She finally started actually sleeping soundly, something she'd never done before always on guard and nervous. As they'd walk the 'Girls' neighbors would inquire whether they'd gotten two new dogs as they were so quiet, relaxed and polite. So grateful to of been able to work with these two beautiful creatures and this wonderful family!

2n chance kitty and Biofield Therapy

In the Cattery at the SCCA Energy knows no boundaries, and there is more than enough to go around. We'll start out with just "beaming" the energy into the room, if any of them come up and want the Energy directed right into them, I'll do that. It's really THEIR session and they are in charge of how they want the Energy, and how much they wish to participate.

At Second Chance I beam the Energy to the whole Cattery and will have anywhere from 7-18 cats in various states of rests in a very short period of time. 

Normally I'll close the session and leave after about an hour to hour an a half. They usually stay sound asleep as I leave. One day when I got home, I realized that I'd left my cell phone in the Cattery, so I went back. I'd been gone about 15 minutes, maybe 20, when I walked into the cattery all were where I left them, still in their Reiki nap. 

salt river wild horse in water

I was called to work with Clare, a mare, my client had had for 2 years. Clare had seen several homes. The owner was desperate and about to re-home this mare. The mare was not just aloof, she was hard to catch, stubborn, and just hard to get along with. The mare was leery of me as I walked into her stall and put herself in the farthest back corner of the stall. Talking to her quietly I stroked her neck and used the pendulum above her withers to ask if she had a trapped emotion we could release, and got a ‘YES’ on that. As we worked through the emotions on the chart, with each question as we drew nearer the TE to be released she was curling her whole body into an ever tighter circle with me in the center. Once we got to the targeted TE, I asked if we could release it, and started the ‘magboy’ (magnets), from her poll down to her tail. As I did this and the other strokes down her spine she started to unwind to where she was once again standing normally. She’d let out a sigh and was relaxed. We went through this scenario for about 15-17 trapped emotions, heart walls, and inherited TE’s, each time the winding up and releasing. That evening the owner called me and said Clair had come running up to her for attention more than once that afternoon and evening. When she went to put the halter on she didn’t run the opposite direction but stood quietly. Riding her that evening she was like a different horse and her trainer was amazed at the transformation. We did 2 more sessions and Clair had amazing changes not only in her attitude toward humans, but in her physical appearance. She was so relaxed that her movements changed, which changed her muscling and carriage. Thanks to the wonders of The Emotion Code and releasing her negative energies from her past.

We call it "hitch hiking", when you have "hands~on" energy to one client and several others lay near, and go into a restful Nap. One client with a horse is that way, her other horse, 2 Pygmy goats, and the barn cats all come up, stand, and lay as close as they can get, Then the next thing you know they are all asleep or at least a very restful state. It's really quite fun to see.

Animals instinctively know and love the Healing Energies, most animals come up to me right away, sensing the energy and they KNOW that I'm here to help them, they will move in very close, it doesn't matter if they are domesticated or wild. They respond quickly to the healing, love, and compassion of the Reiki Energy. They KNOW it will help them through me. ~Animals always deliver unconditional love with ZERO judgements and always live in the present. We as humans could learn a lot from them~

My goal is to have healthy happy clients that don't "need" to be seen very often, just when they "need" a re~charge of love, light, and compassionate energy. I'm in Energy Healing practice to help people, animals and the planet thru the quickest and most effective modality possible to heal and balance mind, body and spirit once again. 

Sushi small my Betta Fish, loves Reiki.

I even give Reiki to my Beta Fish, "Sushi".

He will swim up to the palm of my hand and stay there.

His color becomes just brilliant,

while he absorbs the Reiki energy.

If I can help you or your pet in any way, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

Wishing you and your pets, love, light and happiness for many years to come!

Blessings ~ PhyllisAnn

Drew Happy to see you

Contact Me: PhyllisAnn Mains

@ 928-300-1861

[email protected]

Emotion Code® Certified Practitioner CECP

Certified Body Code Practitioner CBCP

Komyo Reiki Kai ®~ Shihan (Teacher)

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

Reconnective Healing® Certified

Reconnection® Certified

This is BO from the Second Chance Shelter, one of the first Reiki projects after being attuned /trained to Reiki Master level. BO is a beautiful hound, with the most silky of ears. Bo is special as he can and does often say his own name...”Boooow, ah... Booooow”.

When I first started volunteering at SCS, I'd asked who the people there thought could use 'help' the most. They told me where Bo was located in the shelter. I about cried when I saw him, (wishing now that I'd taken pictures). He'd been brought to the shelter from a 'kill' shelter so that he wouldn't be put down when his time was up. He'd been at SCS for a couple of months when I met him. Never had I seen an animal so self destructive. He'd chewed huge chunks of his hide off the whole length of his tail, legs and feet. They had gauze wrapping the length of his whole tail, his paws almost all the way up his legs. The gauze where he could get to it with his cone on was ripped and bloody. You could see some areas where he'd worked the gauze off and his hide looked like it had been through a meat grinder. He constantly paced, very thin, you could count each back bone and every rib. They fed him a good deal of food, but he couldn't keep weight on. He looked like a wounded prisoner of war, after a hard battle.

When he saw me, he start climbing the chain link of his kennel and flipping himself over backward, landing once again on his feet. Neat trick under other circumstances! Walking up close to him, he wouldn't look at me. When he did, it was like a veil was over his eyes, dull looking. He had not just deep worry lines between his eyes and up his head, they were RUTS. My heart was breaking in two, CRACK! Slipping into his kennel, I tried talking to him, trying to sooth and quiet him, and he ignored me, climb, flip, climb, flip... Putting the leash on him, and opening the gate he shot out, dragging me along with him. By digging in my heels and all of my weight got him stopped. I wrapped the long end of the leash around his belly (just behind the rib cage) and I made a doggie 'suitcase' out of him. This is a neat trick for a dog that is stronger than you, so you can control them by lifting up either the front or the back of them. Knocks them off their game every time!

We went to the 'meet and greet' room where it was quiet from the horrible noise of the kennel and so many barking, whining, and crying. Holding one end of the leash Bo so could pace back and forth in front of me. Which he did, whining and crying out as he did so. No amount of talking, stroking, trying to sooth him worked. So I prayed and we began the 1 session. Bo continued to not just cry, but SCREAM like he was being beaten or killed OR possessed. As I began using the energy not touching him, hands off, beaming it at him. I'd never seen a dog do this before, but Bo successfully did a 'skin the cat' move more than once during this session. He'd tuck his head between his back legs and move through them, it was pretty amazing, screaming as he did so.

Most animals/people begin to relax and finally succumb to resting quietly during a session as they absorb the energies, going into a twilight sleep. Not Bo. There was a window in the door and I kept thinking people would be coming in to beat me thinking I was abusing this poor creature. Thankfully no one did. Bo finally would sit or lay quietly but that was the extent of it. I decided we'd done enough after about 30-45 minutes. So wrapping the leash back around him and making him back into a canine suitcase, we headed back to his kennel. He was more quiet on the way back.

Once in the kennel he resumed his climbing and flipping routine. Feeling it had been a complete failure, I walked away from Bo's first session thinking this had been a waste of time and there was no helping this beautiful but tortured creature. He'd never relaxed to speak of. (My mistake for loosing faith in what the energies of God, Reiki does and offers us and how it works.) He had accepted the energy, it worked on him overnight. The next day after his first Reiki session they called me noticing he was night and day calmer that morning. Thanking God, after hanging up the phone, I went for session 2.

In his second session he dropped at my feet and fell into a deep sleep within a minute, yes...60 seconds. He slept like he'd died for 90 minutes, waking up very relaxed and seriously a very different dog. We shared 4 sessions that week. Also during the sessions before or after the Reiki I'd put my forehead against his and do some positive affirmations. Things like, “I no longer chew on myself”, “I am beautiful and a loving family will come for me, my forever home”, etc... After session 2 there was no evidence he was any longer trying to chew on himself. By the end of the week there was a huge amount of healing taking place, inside and out. He'd already put on a few pounds. The deep creases in his brow had finally disappeared, in their place was a smooth brow and a pair of the most beautiful soulful golden/amber eyes you could ever hope to see, with the light of God and life within them. He would look deep into your soul and you could see and feel his pain. He was no longer climbing and flipping in his kennel. They started taking some of the gauze off and healing was progressing nicely.

We did 2 sessions for the first few weeks. He'd curl up on my lap for most of his sessions and become somewhat altered, almost drunk acting, he absorbed so much energy. He was telling me he hated the cone, begging me to remove it. I started trying to talk the staff into taking the cone off, even for short periods of time. They wouldn't for another couple of weeks. His coat was returning/growing back in the bare spots and he was filling in over his bones. During the short periods they began letting me or others take the cone off. He did seem happier and never tried to chew on himself. So it was removed.

Several of us started taking him for walks daily. At first it was a disaster. So during a session, one of the affirmations I used was “I love to walk on a loose leash”. The next day everyone was amazed at how walking him actually became a walk, not a drag, (pun intended). Bo finally got well enough they socialized him to have a 'buddy' and go out into the turnout area. He could lay in the sunshine for the first time in several months. As I'd enter through the back gates if he was out, he'd come running and wagging from one end to the other. He always knew when we'd be having a session and you could tell by his actions, as he'd run to the other gate to wait for me.

One day about 5 months after we'd first met his 'Forever People' showed up. Luckily I was there that day. He wasn't one I'd planned on working with that day. As soon as I heard the news, I went down to see him. The adoption was done, fees paid, the people had gone into Flagstaff to shop and were picking him up on their way back from town before heading to the Grand Canyon area and HOME. The 'meet and greet' room was being used. So I went out to the pen he and his 'buddy' were in. Both loved Reiki so not a problem.

Bo came right up to me, bounced off my leg and trotted over to the fence, came back and repeated the same thing 2 more times, wiggling from head to tail. I walked over to the fence and kneeling down next to him my hand on his now silky shoulders. He looked in my eyes and said “I'm going over there”, and he was. It was the direction of the Grand Canyon and that is where his new home was. Tears of overwhelming joy were streaming down my cheeks, he licked them off and nuzzled close and whined. I stroked those silky ears and asked if he wanted to share some 'energy' with God and I. We turned and went over to the bench. I sat down, he jumped up and lay his head on my lap, his buddy on the ground at my feet. It was a calm Spring day (as in no wind), the sun felt perfect on his sleek skin as I stroked him. We began the session. It was peaceful and loving as always. I hugged a resting Bo before I left and wished him a long and wonderful life. A part of Bo will always be with me, I'll never forget the lessons he taught me.