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PhyllisAnn Mains~ Zoneworks~ Energy Coach

CBCP-CECP-Komyo Reiki Kai®-Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®-

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, and confusion into clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” ~ Melody Beattie

I AM that I AM Presence The Reconnection

"Awake does not mean you are 'aware of what is happening in the world'.... AWAKENED means you are aware of your self and your higher CONSCIOUSNESS". Since working on myself to be more 'Awake', the Universe has drawn other people to me to help with their Spiritual Evolution, by removing blocks, negative programs, teaching others to talk to their cells/DNA/Higher Self etc. to help them integrate their Higher Self into their physical self, therefor increasing their 'God/Source Connection' as well.

Do you talk to your cells? You should be. Having a conversation with your cells can be of benefit in all areas of life, including your spiritual progress.

Your body is made up of billions of cells, all working in unison to provide a vehicle for you to live your life. We know that many functions of the body are handled automatically by the parts of the brain that do not require conscious effort, such as breathing, digestion and heart rate. At its lowest level, these functions are just a group of cells working together to achieve a goal.

But we also know that some of these bodily functions can be controlled and changed by conscious effort, such as concentrating to slow down one’s heart rate. Therefore, it follows that we can communicate with our cells and our cells react appropriately – as science has began to demonstrate.

When you talk to your cells, you are focusing your consciousness inwards, which is a healthy exercise in itself. This has a similar effect to following your breath-work, or any other task that focuses the mind away from the external and into the self.

If you are looking for help, get in touch with me. I'd love to help you along your own journey!

Happy Clients, (Thank you all for your kind words, I am only the facilitator, the client in a state of balance heals themselves):

This and control over my

other vices, has brought me closer to my wife. I have been suffering

with pain from old injuries and arthritis making it difficult to get up

and move and that seems to have waned.

I feel great and I have you to thank for it. God bless you and the work you do.

Best regards. Theo, South Africa

Being honest~ when Phyllis told me that she needed to remotely complete several Body Code sessions I had not much of an idea what she was about to attempt. I've had aches and pains for years some of which could be explained and others just annoying. You get used to them and nothing really worries you anymore. That's me, anyway! Emotional blockages, ruts, fears call it what you will...they seemed to be the norm for me. As Phyllis began doing the Body Code and discovered the walls that were blocking me from being content and feeling or giving the love to others and actually pin it down to what age some of these circumstances took place...I was amazed! This helped me to understand WHY I was never able to forgive and forget- move on or even deal with the days challenges. Since Phyllis did the Body Code Sessions with me I feel much more content, clear minded and able to move forward, not using the energy to look back. I feel these issues are behind me now and ahead of me the sky is blue and opportunities are truly endless. If this changes and we need to re-evaluate, Phyllis has reassured me we will do so. I feel very fortunate to be chosen by Phyllis for one of her Body Code Sessions! ~Maggie J. R., OR

Weeds and beautiful things

I was not sure what it was or if it could even work , I contacted Phyllis Ann Mains and she explained it to me. I was very stressed and had pain in my hands neck and shoulders after our first session I was pain free and felt so relaxed and full of energy. I had a inner calm I had not ever known before. The Body Code sessions were amazing and really works. ~Marty M, MO

When Phyllis first called me and asked if she could do the Body Code Sessions on me as trial; I was a little skeptical. From horse to automobile accidents; my back & knees are in such bad shape! I have a high tolerance for pain and have learned to live with it. Doctors are more than happy to load me up with pain killers & injections, but I don’t want that. So……Ok, why not? Since my first back injury, I’ve learned to lay flat on my back in the floor to relax previously injured & spasmodic muscles. So when Phyllis called me to do first session, I was ready and laid down relaxed. It amazed me how she worked through the high pain areas and uncovered recessed emotions from as far back as my childhood and the year it happened! After that first session, she asked me to get up and walk around. Lol! This normally takes me awhile to get up off the floor! I was in awe that I was able to just stand up and walk away; no stiff back, no knee pain!! That night I woke up as usual in middle of the night. With my mind flooded with recessed memories she had uncovered, then back to sleep. Since that night I am waking up less and sleeping so much better. It’s as if my brain was clearing all those dramatic trapped emotions out. Phyllis called me back again with two more Body Code Sessions. I think we were both amazed at all the “Trapped Emotions”, she had uncovered! I do feel as if I have a clearer more open mind; since she has released them. There were events from my past that I had “blocked” and unknowingly they were affecting my health and mind. My knees & back feel better than in quite a long time! (No pain meds!) I’ve noticed too that some health issues just starting, numbness in my hands & arms, have completely disappeared. If I could afford it, I think I would have a Body Code Session once a week!! ~ S K D, MO

Positive energy for Healing Arts

"That looks like what my shoulder felt like when you worked on it at the lake! Felt like a little twitch of electricity going through it!" ~ C J, MO

Energy knows no boundaries,

it can be sent any where, anytime to help someone to heal, amazing stuff!!!

Call me to experience it today!

Phyllis worked on me, I had a teary year so far and my heart actually HURT, by the time we spent 3 or 4 sessions, all of a sudden something snapped and I could breath deep and my heart didn't hurt anymore. That's the layman's version... You can ask her for details, all I know is it works! WOW ~ K. A., MO

Reconnective Healing

This is what happens when we open up our hearts/minds to the Spirit and Universe.

This is the opposite of:

"The Highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about". ~ Wayne Dyer

I recently had the privilege of having three Body Code sessions with PhyllisAnn. This is a discipline that was foreign to me and I was a more than a little hesitant but Phyllis Ann's warm personality and confidence in her knowledge of how the body/mind connection works put me at ease instantly. I learned things about myself that finally made sense and helped me to look toward a more free, easy and peaceful life. I now see that there is a divine "knowing" in our bodies that we should respect. Thank you Phyllis Ann for making me more aware and for helping me to invite Balance and Harmony into my life. ~ K.W., MO

Namaste, the place where we meet in peace.

I encourage any seeking emotional rebalancing to call Phyllis Ann. During our session she helped me to discover and release old memories which unconsciously resulted in limiting thoughts and feelings leading to dis-empowered states and physical pain. Much of the physical pain I was experiencing at the time has diminished and I feel much more free and elated. Thank you Phyllis Ann ~ M.B., England

I called Phyllis Ann with high expectations, loving her website. She has worked on me 6 times now and she never ceases to amaze me. To say the least what she has done for me is incredible. She has taken years of bad self esteem and remarkably changed it in an instance. The morning after our last session, I remember waking up and saying to my-self subconsciously “you are a beautiful woman”. In my entire life I have never said that to myself. I have lived my life being incredibly self-critical, saying things about myself that I would not say to my worst enemy. I have spent so much money on years of counseling and self-help books, and the phone and Reiki/Reconnective Energy sessions with Phyllis Ann have done more than anything ever before.

I have not uttered one negative thought about myself since that night; I have embraced my body and curves and have begun to develop a loving relationship with myself.

But there is one more thing…. if curing my self esteem wasn’t enough, she went even deeper. I had developed this insecure thought that I had always struggled with depression. I began to think that it was just in my genetics. I even went as far as looking into the heath history of my ancestors. Through Phyllis Ann’s techniques I was able to realize when my depression had begun and then emotionally released my self- destructive thoughts regarding depression. The weight this has taken off my shoulders is incredible. The worrying has ceased and I feel incredible. All I can say is thank you Phyllis Ann!! ~ T. B., AZ

Can't heal when carrying baggage

Phyllis Ann has really helped me in our distance sessions to shifting my energy and attracting new things. I had always attracted the same type of relationship and could never understand why they always ended the same way. Within one week of my session I not only got a new job but I actually attracted a new healthier relationship. Thank you. I will keep you updated. ~B. J., LA

I've been on this amazing spiritual journey but after my session with you it was a much greater lift than I could have imagined. You have an amazing ability but it's your genuine kindness that makes you one of a kind. I look forward to having you to walk side by side with me on my continued journey. Thank you. ~ K. N., ID

All I can say is Phyllis' work is one of extraordinary power. For the past 19 years, I have suffered from many inherited diseases. Being brought up in an alcoholic and abusive home, I constantly found myself attracting those of similar characteristics. Without realizing it, I continuously brought alcoholic, addictive and unhealthy people into my life. Phyllis helped me find myself again. She helped me release all negative emotions I could not seem to get rid of on my own. All the pain and resentment from my childhood were let go. I can honestly say it was the best and most empowering moment of my life. It felt as though a thousand pound burden was lifted from my shoulders.

Also in my early teenage years I was sexually assaulted by a much older man. I kept the secret for numerous years, afraid of what people would think, worried people would judge me. Upon sharing this information, she immediately sought to rid me of the harm and negative energy I had been subjected to for numerous years, causing insomnia, hyper-vigilance, among many other things. With her help and healing power, I now feel like a new person. I no longer carry the burden or blame myself for what happened, and I no longer allow it to haunt me and my everyday activities.

Phyllis was able to help me over the phone. Because I frequently travel to and from the East Coast. I found myself in an extremely negative state. Being 3,000 miles away I called Phyllis and asked for her advice. I was going thru hard times in a potent relationship and she offered to do emotional healing over the phone. After our phone session was over, I felt a sense of relief. I was able to look at the relationship with a clear heart and mind and evaluate it for what it was. Phyllis' healing allowed me to me to be at peace with the relationship. ~R.T., WA

The soul of the moon

Phyllis, I want to share with you what a wonderful experience and changes I received from you last week. Being in the Energy profession myself, I sometimes forget that it's important to receive  as well. Like you, I work with people in their transformation and when doing so it brings up things that I need to personally work on as well. (I find working on myself the hardest of all.) During our session your professionalism and wealth of knowledge really impressed me.

I certainly had some trapped emotions (well hidden for sure) and imbalances. My work with others is now clearer. You are truly gifted. Keep up the good work. You take Energy work to a whole new level. In Gratitude, ~ D. F., CA

I encourage any seeking emotional/physical Rebalancing to visit or call Phyllis Ann. During our session she helped me to discover and release old memories which unconsciously resulted in limiting thoughts and feelings leading to dis-empowered states and physical pain. Much of the physical pain I was experiencing at the time has diminished and I feel much more free and elated. Thank you! ~ H. C. Jr. ~ NY

Phyllis Ann, I cannot thank you enough. Before our sessions I had tried therapy, meds, and had pretty much given up on ever feeling better. I have spent thousands of dollars, time and energy dealing with my health issues. After two sessions my back pain is 90% gone and I feel more peace and am sleeping, feeling better than I have felt in 35+ years. Thank you. You are a blessing. ~ S. S, CA ~

Phyllis, I especially appreciated the personal one-on-one approach. Your knowledge and use of different modalities allowed me even more awareness and discovery. Your passion and help really comes through. Thank you. ~E.B. ~ SC

With the aid of all the modalities I've learned I've become a Personal Energy Coach, you might say, one of my wonderful Clients refers to me this way. There, I said it. I believe that each of us have a Personal Energy Field which surrounds and penetrates our bodies. All the work we've done/doing with BIOTFIELD THERAPY, leads us to work more etherically/spiritually. Modern technology can sense our electromagnetic fields, the heat we generate and brain activity - yet there is more to us than just those systems. Just because something can't be sensed by current instrumentation doesn't mean it isn't there. That's where I come in -I can help you learn about your life through your own energy. I have many new clients coming to me for help with Ascension, God Connection, Awakening due to all the work I've done personally they are being drawn to me from all over the Planet. If you are 'stuck', scared, or just wanting to 'move forward/upward' please give me a call.

Healing Arts

Happiness doesn't come from anything outside of us. Happiness is the way we choose to BE. Yes, we can express our happiness in many wonderful ways that go far beyond us. The consequences of our inner happiness bring BEAUTY and great VALUE to our outer world. Yet the happiness itself always comes from WITHIN. And we can always choose it, no matter what other things may be going on. Instead of limiting our happiness to just certain situations, why not let it come alive in any situation? Instead of waiting and hoping for someone or something to bring us happiness, why not bring it on our selves? Be the happiness you wish to experience. Let it flow freely from your feelings, your thoughts and your actions today, and always.

I sincerely wish that you find something on this site that inspires or helps you to increase your well being, experience greater joy and move closer to your dreams and desires; to know that you deserve to live those dreams and desires; that they lie waiting for you. My desire is to help you cross that bridge.

Photos for Sale and SlideShow

The Photographer

Taken of me Winter of 2011 in snowstorm out at Wapatki Ruins, north and east of Flagstaff. There is such great vibration coming from the Earth around these ruins, very beautiful indeed.

Photography, drawing and watercolor are passions of mine. I love capturing moments of time, preserving them forever and letting them tell a story or take the person looking at the photo to that place. Here is some of my work, I hope you enjoy them, would love to hear from you any comments or questions, or just that you like them.

Below are some samples, check often as these will change.

Go to to see pictures that I have for sale, and just look, be sure to leave comments there on the ones you like or just click the "recommend" button.

Thank you for looking and have a blissful day!!! PhyllisAnn